Thursday, July 22, 2021

Single Again

There goes that dream
I've had for so long
Of love never ending
Like a beautiful song

Right out of the blue
It came to an end
Got left all alone
Now I'm single again!

Well it's no big thing
Today's a new day
The heartache won't kill me
And I'll be ok

Just give me a minute
Gotta do a reset
I'm hurt - but I've got this!
Don't count me out yet!

On Your Anniversary

You know - it sure is special
It's something really fine!
And certainly unusual
Now in this day and time

When two nice folks like you are
Hang in no matter what
Devoted to each other
And still in love so much!

You've proved that it can happen
To skeptics everywhere
That marriage can be lasting
And wonderful to share!

So may you both continue
For many years to come
Happy and together
In harmony - as one!