Monday, May 31, 2021

Our Family Celebrations

 Our family celebrations
Are favorite days of mine
When we all come together
To have a good ol' time

Talking, laughing, eating
Catching up and such
Just being with each other
I love you all so much!

Whatever the occasion
Or holiday may be
Our family celebrations 
Are the best of memories!

Sunday, May 30, 2021

You've Graduated! Way To Go!

You're somethin' else!
Do you know that?
Just take a look
Where you're now at

You're all grown up
Too fast it seems
About to chase
Those hopes and dreams

I am honestly
So proud of you!
You worked so hard
To make it thru!

Now here you are
And rightly so
You've graduated!
Way to go!

You've Got This

I know you're apprehensive
Unsure what's ahead
Imagination manipulating
The thoughts within your head

Waiting is never an easy thing
As it drags on day by day
While all those "what if" notions
Just lead the mind astray

But I believe you've got this!
Honestly I do
So hang in there and stay positive
I'm wishing the best for you!

You've Got Me All Wrong

The things you're saying are so unfair
And they're sure not true of me!
Maybe in your mind they somehow are
But I know differently!

You make me sound so terrible!
When that's not the way I am
How can you see me in such a way?
I just don't understand!

I'm not perfect by any means
I've got plenty of mistakes to show
But I'm not as bad as you're making out
I would never stoop that low!

It's really sad and disappointing
How everything has gone
You've got the facts all turned around
And you've got me all wrong!

You've Been So Supportive

You sure have been nice
And so inspiring too!
Believing in me
The way that you do!

You've always been there
Right from the start
While I've struggled along
Towards the dream in my heart

Sometimes it seems
I'll get nowhere at all
When I'm trying my best
Then just run into walls!

But your praise is encouraging
No matter how tough it gets
And I'm proud I can say
I haven't given up yet!

You've been so supportive!
And what a difference it makes
Thank you for everything!
You've really been great!

You've Asked Me To Forgive You

You've asked me to forgive you
For you're sorry as can be
And you never had intentions
Of ever hurting me

I've thought about it endlessly
The way you made me feel
So angry, sad and disappointed
I just wished it wasn't real!

But I've finally come to realize
That you've been hurting too
And there's alot of deep-down healing
For both of us to do

So I hope that you and I together
Can make a brand new start
I love you dearly - always will!
And I forgive you with all my heart!

You're Right

You and I
Have disagreed
Seeing things
Quite differently

But I've been thinking
And looking back
At all we said
At all the facts

And even though
I stood my ground
My point of view
Has turned around

With opened eyes
I've seen the light!
And all I can say is
By golly! You're right!

You're Ok With Me

Lately you seem really down
About who you feel you are
Thinking something's wrong with you
Like you're just not up to par

You see yourself as kind of odd
And think that's what they say
But you're not odd - you're just unique
And in a most endearing way!

You're easy to talk with and so funny too
Though sometimes I admit
Your sense of humor - bless your heart
Is off-the-wall a bit!

Don't change a thing though - you're very cool
And as nice as you can be
Who you are is who you are
And you're ok with me!

You're A Wonderful Friend

I'm sending you this
With all of my heart
To tell you sincerely
How terrific you are!

You've stuck right beside me
All the way thru!
Always loyal and supportive
And so good-hearted too!

And I want you to know
You're real special to me!
I'm sure glad we met
And I always will be!

I count you a blessing
Time and again!
You're a wonderful person!
You're a wonderful friend!

You Will Be Missed

You've got your nerve
Saying goodbye!
And leaving us here
With tears in our eyes!

What in the world
Are we going to do
Carrying on
Without any you?

You can't be replaced
You're too special to us
And our hearts are breaking
So we're raising a fuss!

It just won't be the same
Not anymore!
You will be missed
And that is for sure!

You Watch Me! I'll Fly!

I'm going to succeed!
I'll do it - you'll see
I'll learn and I'll try
To be all I can be!

With dreams in my heart
And faith as my wings
I'll reach for the sky
Where eagles can sing

When storms show no mercy
And toss me about
I'll jump on their backs
Just ride them right out!

Then gather my strength
And hold my head high
I will not be beaten!
You watch me! I'll fly!

You Turn So Against Me

I can't hold these feelings
Inside anymore
So I'm telling you now
Though I should have before

It seems I can't please you
No matter how hard I try
No matter how much I give
And I just don't know why!

You turn so against me!
Always putting me down
As if you don't like me
Or want me around

It makes me feel lousy!
And that's all it does
It sure doesn't help me
Or make me feel loved

Yet your love is one thing
That I really need!
Because all problems aside
You mean the whole world to me!

You Rock!

I'm sure you know already
How much you mean to me
I may not say it often enough
But that's how it always will be

I can't imagine my life at all
Without you being there
Even when we disagree
It's such a special thing we share

You're truly a beautiful person
And that's not just flattering talk
You really are - and in so many ways
Take it from me - You Rock!

You Really Hurt Me

If I didn't care
As much as I do
I wouldn't be feeling
So down and so blue

You really hurt me!
Though I guess I know
You may not have meant to
I'd like to think so

But I can't just forget
And then push it behind
It has no intentions
Of leaving my mind!

So I wanted to tell you
This hurting won't end
Till everything's right
Between us again!

You Need A Break

Last time we talked
You were down in the dumps
Not feeling too chipper
You've been taking some lumps

Seems like it's one thing
Then another - no luck!
And I'll bet that some days
You just hate to get up!

But get up you do
Bless your little heart
Even when you feel like
You're falling apart

So here's wishing you better days
With no crap to take!
Life's dealt you enough of it
You need a break!

You Make Me Mad

It's all your fault
So take the blame
And hang your head
In humble shame!

Because of you
I'm really stressed!
You put my patience
To the test!

You tick me off!
Rock my boat!
Rile me up!
And get my goat!

Not only that
You make me mad!
And now I'm feeling
Pretty bad!

It sure has been
One lousy day!
Oh well......
I love you anyway!

You Did It! You Quit!

You did it! You quit!
That's incredible news!
I'm delighted to hear it
And just real proud of you!

I know it's not easy
It has to take guts
To give up those cigarettes
That you liked so much

Those deadly companions!
Oh - you'll miss them awhile
It might be a challenge
And a bit of a trial

But someday - not too far
You'll tell folks with pride
"I am an x-smoker
And it's great to be alive!"

You Changed My Life

My heart was hurting
Really bad
And all I felt
Was really sad

I couldn't seem
To find a way
From that dark place
To the light of day

Then there you were!
So sweet! So right!
You walked on in
And changed my life!

Now I know
I'll make it thru
And with all my heart
I'm loving you!

You Can't Please Everyone

As long as I've known you
I can honestly say
The best you can do
Is always your way

Your heart is in everything
Big job or small
And I know if you did it
You gave it your all!

But lately you're stressing
It's not hard to see
You're doing too much
And I'll bet you agree

There's just so many hours
In one given day
And you can't please everyone
So stop trying - ok?

You Broke My Heart

I can't believe
What's going on
It's like a dream
That's gone all wrong!

You say you love me
Well if that's true
How could you
Have been so cruel?

I don't deserve
What you put out
Cause that is not
What love's about!

It's giving what
You hope to get
Care - respect!

Instead you tear
My world apart
You did me wrong!
You broke my heart! 

You Are So Cool

I don't mean to gush
And make a big deal
I'd just like to tell you
The way that I feel

I want you to know
In my eyes you're tops!
I admire - respect
And really like you alot!

I like how you look
I like how you act
I like who you are
And that is a fact!

You've got it together!
So whatever you do
Don't change a thing
Because you are so cool!

You Are My Greatest Inspiration

Nobody's perfect - I know that
We all have faults indeed
But you really do come pretty close
At least you do to me

Just the way you live your life
Every day as it comes
With a wonderful upbeat attitude
And a big smile for everyone

Even sometimes when it gets so rough
And the strain is upon your brow
You give it all the heart you've got
And rise above it somehow

I truly truly admire you!
And can tell you quite honestly
You are my greatest inspiration!
And that you shall always be!

Wonderful Marvelous Pets

They steal our hearts with innocence
With faces we just adore!
And with all their own little special ways
Endearing them more and more

Some are sweet and affectionate
Others are loners and quiet
Some insist upon running the show
And some are an absolute riot!

But all are lovable and deserving too
Of good caring permanent homes
Where kindness and love are residing within
So they'll never feel lost and alone

For day by day they're sharing our lives
As devoted as family can get
Our beautiful - precious - delightfully charming
Wonderful - marvelous pets! 

When It Comes To Sexy

I've been checkin' you out
For a long long time
And it's really no wonder
Why you stay on my mind

There's so much about you
That drives me just wild!
Like the warmth in your eyes
And your beautiful smile

Like the sweet things you do
And the funny things you say
That can chase all my blues
And my troubles away

You melt me like butter
With your wonderful self!
And I sure can't say that
About anyone else!

There's no doubt about it
From my point of view
When it comes to sexy
Sexy is you!


Making decisions
To any degree
Is not up your alley

One minute you do
The next one you don't
You're thinking you will
Then thinking you won't

You should - no you shouldn't
You guess it's ok
It's yes - no it isn't
At least not today

It's this way - then that way
You come and you go
It can't be - it might be
It could be - who knows?

Oh well - Whatever!
It's a challenge - no doubt
So go rest your brain now
You'll figure it out!

What You're Thinking Isn't True

You always get to feeling really bad
Thinking things that make you really sad
But Honey - what you're thinking isn't true
There isn't anybody else but you!

If you could see you thru my loving eyes
I think you might be pleasantly surprised
You'd see the reasons why I love you so
You're special from your head right to your toes!

You've got just what it takes in every way
To make me glad to be alive each day
I wouldn't trade our life for being free
Your love is all I want - it's all I need!

I don't know what I'd do if you were gone
You're the spark that helps me carry on
So don't you ever worry where I'll be
You'll always be the only one for me!

What A Teacher!

With gratitude
That's running deep
I'd like to thank you
For teaching me

For sharing your knowledge
And taking time
To get it thru
This head of mine

With your generous patience
Always there
You really show
How much you care

You've got the gift!
I can tell
What a teacher!
You've taught me well!

Welcome Home

Every day
That you've been gone
Away from me
Has been too long!

There's been an ache
Within my heart
Ever since
We had to part

But now you're back
And life is new
So welcome home!
I do love you!

Was It Something I Said?

I've been trying to call you
But you never call back
Was it something I said?
What's up with that?

Did you break your finger?
Oh my! Sure hope not!
And if you lost your phone again
I sympathize alot!

Whatever the reason
I just want to say
Hope everything's fine
And call me - ok?

Trust Me - I'll Stay

Just a little something
I want you to know
And never to doubt it
However life goes

Whether everything's fine
And going alright
Or it's really a struggle
Just seeing the light

Even if sometimes
We get out of touch
Not getting along well
Arguing and such

I always will love you!
And I can honestly say
I'm in for the long run
Trust me - I'll stay!

Saturday, May 29, 2021

Time To Let Go

There's something important
That I need to share
I don't mean to offend you
It's just that I care

I know you're hurting
Because you cannot forget
Past choices you've made
And now deeply regret

You'd go back and change it
If only you could
To do it right this time
You're sure that you would

Well - those feelings are human!
We all make mistakes
Some big ones - some little ones
But whatever the case

There does come a day
You must let your heart know
It's time to forgive yourself
It's time to let go!

This Too Shall Pass

I realize that lately
You've been feeling real bad
Just so overwhelmed
With the problems you've had

Trying to figure
Which way to go
Looking for answers
That you need to know

It's a hard place to be in
A tough time no doubt
But while you are struggling
To work it all out

Try to remember
Storms never do last
And like those gone before it
This too shall pass!

This Stupid Computer!

Hello there
Don't mind me
I'm just ticked off
As I can be!

I need to vent
A little bit
Before I throw
One big ol' fit!

It wears me down
It makes me cringe
I'm at the mercy
Of this dang thing!

It won't behave
No matter what!
This stupid computer
Is driving me nuts!

This Special Day

It sure is exciting
When you hardly can wait
For something to happen
That's nothing but great!

Time seems to linger
And drag on and on
Then what do you know?
The time has all gone!

The waiting is over
And you're ready to start
With a gleam in your eyes
And a smile in your heart

So congratulations!
And best wishes too
May this special day
Be just as special as you!

This Kid's Somethin' Else

The first time I saw you
I thought to myself
"There's no doubt about it
This kid's somethin' else!"

And you've lived up to that
In more ways than one
I'm not quite the same
But it sure has been fun!

You've inspired my heart
And you've lightened my mood
Then challenged my patience
Till I just came unglued!

But I wouldn't have missed it!
Because no matter what
It's been worth every minute
And I love you so much!

And as I look at you now
I think to myself
"There's no doubt about it!
You're still somethin' else!"

Thinking Of You

You'd be surprised
Just how many times
For no particular reason
You're here on my mind

And I find myself wondering
How you're doing right then
With my honest intentions
To call....once again!

I know I get sidetracked
And fall out of touch
But you're never forgotten
You matter too much!

So when we seem distant
Whatever you do
Please know in your heart
I'm thinking of you!

The Sweetest Choice I Ever Made

I remember how I felt in the beginning
In my eyes you were perfect as could be
And somehow I knew absolutely
That you were the only one for me

When you told me your heart felt the same way
And you asked me to stay by your side
With joy and with love I accepted
That with you I'd forever abide

Now after all of these great years together
Thru good times and not so good too
Thru the best and the worst in our journey
I'm still just so crazy about you!

I've made lots of choices in my life
And I've questioned some - I have to say
But you my love - not for a second!
You're the sweetest choice I ever made!

The Rumor's Not True

When I heard about this
I could hardly believe
That people were saying
These things about me!

It hurts me so much!
And it's real hard to take
Sometimes I feel like
My heart will just break!

But I will get thru it!
I'll be ok
And my only defense
Is simply to say

I don't know where it started
And I don't know by who
But here's what I do know
The rumor's NOT true!

The Music You Make

From the very first time I heard you
I've been a fan all the way!
You are so cool and so talented
I swear - you just blow me away!

I can listen to you by the hour!
And sometimes that's what it takes
To forget all my cares and my troubles
Getting lost in the music you make

No matter if it's nice and easy
Or rocks with a beat going strong
It's obvious your heart's really in it
You bring so much life to a song!

There's no doubt about it in my mind
You're terrific! And I love what you do!
Thank you for making such a difference!
Take care and best wishes to you!

Thanks For The Laughter

Has anyone told you
You're a little bit nuts?
Sometimes I'm thinking
"That one's out of touch!"

The stories you tell
The faces you make
Complete with sound effects!
It's too much to take!

You get me hysterical
Till I hardly can breathe!
Then I have to sit down
Cause I'm weak in the knees!

You are so funny
It just blows me away!
You've got a great gift
And I would just like to say

That you make a difference
You certainly do!
So thanks for the laughter
And best wishes to you!

Thank You So Much

Thank you so much
For being right there
For giving your help
And showing you care

It's people like you
With a warm heart of gold
Who keep life from being
Unbearably cold!

To reach out to others
In such time of need
And lighten their load
Is special indeed!

So thank you again
Good wishes too
And may all of your kindness
Come right back to you!

Take A Number Please

I bust my butt like lots of folks
Working hard all week
Doing what I have to do
To get those ends to meet

For that I can't complain at all
And you can bet I won't
I know I'm lucky to have a job
When so many people don't!

But I'm not living on Easy Street
And things get tough sometimes
I pay as much as I can pay
Yet bills still fall behind

I'm honestly trying to get caught up
That's the best that I can do
So if you'll take a number please
You'll get your money too!


You're feeling terrible - aren't you?
That's a real bummer - I know!
It's lousy - unfair - and depressing
For life to be treating you so!

It's a shame and you don't deserve it!
Such misery to have to go thru
You poor suffering thing - how pathetic!
I sure feel sorry for you!

There now - don't you feel better?
Sympathy! Just what you need!
So enjoy it as long as it lasted
Cause that's all your getting from me!


I get the most beautiful feeling inside
Being together with you!
Wanting and loving you so very much
And really knowing that you love me too!

Talk about happy and dreams coming true
I had no idea what I'd missed!
You are the best thing that's happened to me
It sure can't get better than this!

Our future together is waiting on us
So we can move on from the past
You and me baby are just meant to be
Soulmates - together at last!

So You're Getting Married

So you're getting married!
Wow! That is great news!
And I want you to know
I'm real happy for you!

There is nothing sweeter
That I can think of
Than finding the right one
And falling in love!

It's a beautiful thing!
And I just have to say
You deserve all the joy
On your wedding day!

I wish you both happiness
You know that I do
So Congratulations!
And I'll talk to you soon!

So You Made A Mistake

I realize you're feeling badly
And would like to turn back time
To undo something I know
Has been staying on your mind

So you made a mistake - you're human!
No more - no less than that
Nobody here is perfect
And you need to give yourself slack

To live and to learn isn't easy
But that's what we all have to do
There really is no way around it
Not even for nice people - like you!

So Special To Me

I was just thinking
As I so often do
How much I love
And appreciate you!

For all that you've given
For all that you are
I could never replace you
Here in my heart!

You make a big difference
In your own little ways
I'd feel lost without you
I can honestly say

Thru good times and bad
Thru wrong and thru right
I'm thankful and happy
You're here in my life

And you can be certain
That I always will be
You're one in a million!
And so special to me!

So Glad You Were There

I guess that I feel
Just like everyone else
I hate to be laid up
And can't do for myself!

It's difficult to handle
The frustration in store
When even the little things
Become a big chore!

But you - bless your heart
Were an angel to me!
Nursing and comforting
In a time of great need

It was easy to see
You give the best that you can
So I knew very well
I was in real good hands

You helped me get better
With such skill and care
I'll always be thankful
And so glad you were there!

Since You Lost Your Dear Pet

I realize there's nothing
That I can say
To ease the sadness
You're feeling today

Since you lost your dear pet
And companion too
Your wonderful friend
So cherished by you!

I just want you to know
At this difficult time
It's with deep understanding
You're here on my mind

When it comes to living
This is such a hard part
And I'm wishing you comfort
With all of my heart!

Since You Cheated On Me

I've got one hell of a problem!
My heart is in pieces you see
I can't seem to get it together
Not since you cheated on me!

I really love you - You know that!
The light of my life you have been
But love without trusting is nothing!
So how can I trust you again?

I'm lost and confused in my misery
With memories of all the good times
Mixed with this rage here inside me
I feel like I'm losing my mind!

You know you always could trust me
But I'm wondering - what would you do
If you were the one here in my place
Knowing I'd cheated on you?

Since You And I Broke Up

Lately nothing seems to change
And like any other day
I wake up with this broken heart
That just won't go away

The only things I think about
Since you and I broke up
Is how very much I'm loving you
And long to feel your touch

To feel you holding me again
The way you used to do
To talk and laugh and just be together
Would be a dream come true!

But maybe it's only fairy tales
That have that happy end
In any case I'll be alright
And you know where I am

Friday, May 28, 2021

Shutting Me Out

I don't want to push you
Any further away
But I have a few things
That I need to say

I've been trying to reach you
But you make it so hard!
You've built up a wall
And put up your guard

Shutting me out
And keeping you in
So we can't seem to get
Any closer again

How can I show you
How much that I care
With me over here
And you over there?

If you won't come to me
And you won't let me thru
How in the world
Do I get to you?