Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Bullied - To Rise Above

I see it clearly within your eyes
And in your smile half there
You don't feel loved, not truly so
And you're not so sure who cares

All those hurtful, belittling words
Directed so often at you
Have sadly become your reality
And in your mind perhaps they are true

You hear them so often, they've worn your heart down
To a place where it's too dark to see
That you deserve love, respect and kindness
You do!! Just take it from me!

You're not stupid or ugly or dumb
Or any of those negative things!
You're awesome, unique and beautiful too
And someday you will find your wings!

These are the words that you must believe in
For the strength to rise on above
To realize the person who you really are
And to know that indeed you are loved!

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