Sunday, May 30, 2021

You've Got This

I know you're apprehensive
Unsure what's ahead
Imagination manipulating
The thoughts within your head

Waiting is never an easy thing
As it drags on day by day
While all those "what if" notions
Just lead the mind astray

But I believe you've got this!
Honestly I do
So hang in there and stay positive
I'm wishing the best for you!

You've Got Me All Wrong

The things you're saying are so unfair
And they're sure not true of me!
Maybe in your mind they somehow are
But I know differently!

You make me sound so terrible!
When that's not the way I am
How can you see me in such a way?
I just don't understand!

I'm not perfect by any means
I've got plenty of mistakes to show
But I'm not as bad as you're making out
I would never stoop that low!

It's really sad and disappointing
How everything has gone
You've got the facts all turned around
And you've got me all wrong!