Saturday, May 29, 2021

Since You And I Broke Up

Lately nothing seems to change
And like any other day
I wake up with this broken heart
That just won't go away

The only things I think about
Since you and I broke up
Is how very much I'm loving you
And long to feel your touch

To feel you holding me again
The way you used to do
To talk and laugh and just be together
Would be a dream come true!

But maybe it's only fairy tales
That have that happy end
In any case I'll be alright
And you know where I am

Friday, May 28, 2021

Shutting Me Out

I don't want to push you
Any further away
But I have a few things
That I need to say

I've been trying to reach you
But you make it so hard!
You've built up a wall
And put up your guard

Shutting me out
And keeping you in
So we can't seem to get
Any closer again

How can I show you
How much that I care
With me over here
And you over there?

If you won't come to me
And you won't let me thru
How in the world
Do I get to you?