Monday, January 12, 2015

Single Again

There goes that dream
I've had for so long
Of love never ending
Like a beautiful song

Right out of the blue
It came to an end
Got left all alone
Now I'm single again!

Oh well - it's no big thing
Today's a new day
A little heartache won't kill me
 And I'll be ok

Just give me a minute 
Gotta do a reset
I'm hurt - but I've got this!
Don't count me out yet!

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

You Are My Greatest Inspiration

Nobody's perfect - I know that
We all have faults indeed
But you really do come pretty close
At least you do to me

Just the way you live your life
Every day as it comes
With a wonderful upbeat attitude
And a big smile for everyone

Even sometimes when it gets so rough
And the strain is upon your brow
You give it all the heart you've got
And rise above it somehow

I truly truly admire you!
And can tell you quite honestly
You are my greatest inspiration!
And that you shall always be!