Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Please Don't Text And Drive

I know you don't need preaching at
You've got good sense - you do
You're on the ball without a doubt
But you're only human too

I am concerned - I will admit
About stories, stats and such
And maybe it's unnecessary 
To even bring this up

It's just that you mean so much to me
And as each new day arrives
It's really good to know you're safe
So please don't text and drive!

Thursday, November 26, 2015

How Thankful I Am

I  have to admit
That I can't complain
Everything's not sunshine
But it isn't all rain

I have a warm place to live
Good food to eat
Clothes on my back
And shoes on my feet

Good health - for the most part
I can get up and walk
I can give a big hug
I can see - I can talk

But most of all though
What's perched far above
All the good in my life is
I know I am loved

Yes, I know for certain
Not alone will I stand
As long as I have you
And how thankful I am!