Sunday, November 9, 2014

Don't Judge Me - Ok?

You may think you have me
All figured out
From the things you have heard
Most negative no doubt

You look down upon me
With scornful delight
In your house made of glass
Where you're so perfect - right?

Well - you do not know me
And you haven't a clue
What's totally fiction
And what's really true

My life is my life
So all I can say
Is get on with your own
And don't judge me - ok?

Sunday, September 21, 2014

I Will Always Be Here For You

If you should ever wonder  
Who will stand beside you when
You have a hill that you must climb
And you're not quite sure you can

Or if you're feeling lost and lonely
If only for just a while
And all you need is someone who cares
To listen and help you to smile

Whatever you find yourself going thru
Whenever - wherever you are
No matter how big it may seem to be
Or the answer no matter how far

I will promise you this right now
And you can believe that it's true
As long as I can draw one single breath
I will always be here for you!