Sunday, July 21, 2013

I'm So Sorry For Your Loss

Sincerely I would like to offer
A few words here for you
To send my deepest sympathy
 For what you're going thru

I know your heart is shattered
In a million pieces now
And nothing I can say to you
Will change that anyhow

But still - I wanted you to know
You're here within my thoughts
As I wish you strength and lots of love
I'm so sorry for your loss!


  1. My teachers son had passed away in a car crash last night I feel so bad and keep crying about it and now my teacher is going to be away for a very very VERY long time would you have any ideas of things that I could write on a card for her?

  2. How very sad!! The best thing you can write on that card is how sad you are that she lost her son and that you will be thinking of her. Your simple sincerity will mean the most.

  3. thank you and there's one boy in my class that cried too now all the boys keep calling him gay not just because he was crying but also because he hangs out with all of us girls in the class and the thing is he's not gay I asked my one friend what I should do about it and they said not to tell an adult because everyone will think im a loser. and one boy in my class said lets party because her son died and that made me VERY disappointed and all the supply teachers we are having is just SOOO hard because they don't know what are actual teacher is teaching us which makes it harder for me to understand would you have any suggestions on anything above?

  4. Yes - DO talk to an adult - someone you know you can trust. Don't try to deal with all of that by yourself - that boy who is being picked on has a good friend in you!!

    1. Thank you so much! this advice will really help me :)

  5. You're very welcome - best wishes to you!! :)


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