Saturday, July 21, 2012

Plea Of A Drunkard

I hate that you've seen me at my worst
When I've fallen as low as I could
Too far down and broken to help myself
Back up to the place I once stood

When life wasn't perfect by any means
And goodness knows - neither was I
But I had it together pretty good then
And I walked with my head held up high

I have my excuses and reasons
My demons and heartaches as well
And like everyone - I'm only human
We all have our stories to tell!

So please don't ridicule and judge me
For the unfortunate state I'm in today
Just count all the blessings in your own life
And wish me well as you go on your way


  1. Amazing as always Louise! I sure hope that you are doing well! I have not seen you around lately! Fantastic Poem, sound advice to not judge, but accept others for who they are. Take care!

    1. Thanks so much for you heartfelt comment Rusty!! I'm not actively on anymore - just on Facebook - spending way too much time on the computer!! You take care too and have a wonderful holiday season!! :)


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