Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Was It Something I Said?

 I've been trying to call you
 But you never call back
Was it something I said?
What's up with that?

 Did you break your finger?
Oh my! Sure hope not!
And if you lost your phone again 
I sympathize alot!

Whatever the reason
I just want to say
Hope everything's fine
And call me - ok?


  1. A very beautiful poem Louise :)
    Hope that person calls you soon :)

    Good to see you back after many days!...Was missing your presence and your sweet motivating comments!

  2. mom that was sweet ...now the guilt with pomes...i love you and hope to see you this weekend

  3. Ha - Oh yeah - Guilt queen here!! (LOL) Yup - I love you too honey and look forward to seeing you this weekend. :)


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