Thursday, December 29, 2011

Addicted To You

I have a confession
That I want to make
About a habit I've got
But never will break

I can't go without it
Not for a day!
Not for an hour
A minute? No way!

I'm hopelessly - endlessly 
Hooked as can be
On the beautiful feeling
And the joy it gives me!

There is nothing else
That ever will do
Your love is my everything
I'm addicted to you!


  1. Oh.. this is so sweet Louise..And it's true, feeling or getting into deep of love can make us feel addicted with it. I love this one Louise, it made me teary but happy..:) God bless you Louise..

    Happy New Year!! May this new year brings more happiness to you too..:)

  2. weeeeee.. I'm addicted to love and it's obvious hehehe..passing by Ms.Louise and Happy new year *hugs hugs* ;)

  3. Louise this is a very nice poem, the rhythm is perfect and match the beautiful feeling of love! Stay well and many blessings for the new year!

  4. Thank you Marie - and many blessings for the new year to you too!! :)

  5. Hi Sie - Oh, I remember what it was like - so many way ups and way downs, always some drama but
    still loved being in love, as I know you certainly do too. :)

  6. Aww - Thanks Ros - Sounds like you've been there too, huh. As you can see by my comment to Sie, I have too. :)

  7. Beautiful! I love this! Happy New Year Louis! I really hope that you had a wonderful holiday and this year will be the best EVER! I was wondering if you have considered publishing a book of your poems!? I believe it would be a hit! Take care!

  8. Hi Rusty - Happy New Year to you too!! :) So glad you like this poem - thank you!! Yes, I've considered publishing a book - but it takes $ and I just barely make it from week to week. (I have alot of rescued cats and that's where it all goes.) :)

  9. Wow, its great. Lovely and amazing. It touches the heart directly. So sweet.

  10. Thank you Samrat - I've been there - wrote it from experience. :)

  11. Grandma! Can I Please Use The 3rd Part In My Song? Pleeeeaaaaseeee I'll Say I Got It From You And Tag Youu<3

  12. This Is Jocelyn Btw!^^^

  13. Sure honey - use whatever you want. :)

  14. a beautiful sentiment and exactly how I'm feeling at the moment!

  15. Thank you so much for commenting - wishing you the best!! :)


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