Sunday, October 30, 2011

I'm So Happy You're Happy

Sometimes life happens 
In the very best way
When you hardly can wait 
To begin every day

When somehow you know
You really believe
That everything's right
And as it should be

It shows in your smile
It shows in your eyes
 That glow makes it clear
What you're feeling inside

You're on top of the world
Quite obviously!
And I have to tell you
It's sure nice to see!

  I'm so happy you're happy!
I can't tell you enough!
Because you're such a great person
And you deserve it so much!


  1. Really like this one, just plain good to be happy for someone else. We need more of that good stuff in this world. Janet

  2. this poem made me smile Ms.Louise..I think the secret of happiness is always accepting life and as what you have said it is right what it should matter what situation we are in now as long as we see it on it's brightest would be simple and happy..believing and having faith that each new day is a chance for us to live our lives to the fullest ;)

  3. Hi Sie - Thank you for commenting on my new poems - I'm glad this one made you smile. I couldn't have put "the secret of happiness" any better than you have - you said it so well!! :)

  4. Love this poem Louise, I'm so happy too because you're happy!! Happiness that we see from other is more than happy to feel inside us, because smile in their face and sparks in their eyes can't be bought anywhere,it's a gift from above. Love to see someone's happy:) Have a wonderful day ahead Louise!:)

  5. Thank you for your lovely comment Ros - you have a wonderful day/evening too. (not sure about the time difference) :)

  6. Very beautifully penned Louise :) Really, true happiness lies on seeing our dear ones happy :)

  7. For long time I never feel this way, I'm feeling now find love and happiness;) I'm so happy in 2012.. IIIIIIIIIIIIIII'mmmmmmmmm happy at last.

  8. I love you Rauf and you make me happy............

  9. You're obviously VERY in love - such a beautiful feeling!!! My best to you always! :)


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