Friday, July 1, 2011

This Kid's Somethin' Else

The first time I saw you
I thought to myself
"There's no doubt about it
This kid's somethin' else!"

And you've lived up to that
In more ways than one
I'm not quite the same
But it sure has been fun!

You've inspired my heart
And you've lightened my mood
Then challenged my patience
Till I just came unglued!

But I wouldn't have missed it!
Because no matter what
It's been worth every minute
And I love you so much!

And as I look at you now
I think to myself
"There's no doubt about it!
You're still somethin' else!"


  1. i really like these poems I have been writing poems for some time I love it

  2. Anonymous #1 - I don't know where my comment to you went but I will say it again, Thank you for commenting - so glad you like my poems - and I would like to see some of your poems too. (

  3. Anonymous #2 - Thanks so much for your nice comment - it means alot to me when people take the time to say they like my poems. :)


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