Friday, July 22, 2011

Crazy Ol' Cat Lady

I know folks think I'm quite eccentric
With all these cats I've got
They're inside - outside - everywhere!
I have to admit - there's alot!

So they call me "Crazy Ol' Cat Lady"
And who can say what else?
But I don't mind - I really don't
I live very well with myself

Maybe lost - maybe abandoned
How they struggled to survive!
And I couldn't ignore their cries of hunger
Or unsee their frightened eyes

Yes indeed - I took them in
When they were all alone
Needing love and comforting
I gave each one home

With food and water and a nice warm bed
Got them "fixed" up too
 So Crazy Ol' Cat Lady that I am
That's just what I do!


  1. you are a saint in your own way

  2. Thank you so much for your kind words - I'm just one of so many, many people who love and help animals. :)

  3. Your so kind Louise, it shows your heart here.. Thank you so much!

  4. Thanks Ros - I was raised to love and respect animals and I'm glad I was. I passed it on to my kids and they passed it on to my grandchildren. :)

  5. I love what you wrote! I can never call you the crazy cat lady.....then I would be one myself. Coming from someone who also has rescued throw-away cats.....we are compassionate cat lovers who care. Only one of my cats was gotton on purpose as a kitten. The rest have a history of being rescued or the result of a mom cat being rescued. And I did the responsible thing and they are all fixed!!! Hats off to you Louise. Barbara K.

  6. Hats off to you too Barbara!! Bless your heart for reaching out to these innocent animals!! Oh yeah, all mine are altered too - hate to think what it would be like if they hadn't been!! :)

  7. You've got a heart of gold Louise. Reading the comments made me happy to see others who do the same. Janet

    1. Yup - plenty of good hearted folks out there Janet - just like you and all those kitties you care for so much love!! :)

  8. Dear Louise,
    I loved readeing the poem because I too have seven lovely kittens and cats( four cats and three kittens) and they have been given to me by RSPCA to be looked after! I think this poem is a great way to indicate to people that cats too have feelings! I love the poem and the way and words you have used to describe the value of love, compassion, happiness and company that cats bring to your life! Though, may I just ask wether or not you would be able to design a poem about the gifts that cats bring! I have been surfing the internet for one but can't find the right one but I came across your website and so how fantastic it was and I thought to ask you. I would like a poem like that because I am a member of the 'Cats Care Club' (CCC) and together we help each other to look after and rescue cats! I would like to tell and demonstrate the power of poems and the many secrets hidden beneath them!
    Many Thanks,
    Ruxi Bhajia 8T

  9. Hi again Ruxi - Bless your sweet heart for the love you show your kitties and the ones you help too!! :) As far a writing a poem about the gifts cats bring, why don't you write down the gifts cats bring to you, send it to me at my new email address I haven't been writing much lately but I certainly will try. :)


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