Thursday, February 3, 2011

You're A Wonderful Friend

I'm sending you this
With all of my heart
To tell you sincerely
How terrific you are!

You've stuck right beside me
All the way thru!
Always loyal and supportive
And so good-hearted too!

And I want you to know
You're real special to me!
I'm sure glad we met
And I always will be!

I count you a blessing
Time and again!
You're a wonderful person!
You're a wonderful friend!


  1. I love this short poem !

  2. i love this poem it makes me feel so blessed to have friends

  3. Thank you Phummy - and you are blessed to have friends! :)

  4. this poem is so beautiful you are a great poem writer!!

  5. Thank you so much - I'm really glad you like it!! :)

  6. You're awesome..! I really love your poems they are wonderfully written.
    Keep it up. :D

  7. Thank you for posting such a nice comment awesome Kid!! :)


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