Thursday, February 3, 2011

You're Right

You and I
Have disagreed
Seeing things
Quite differently

But I've been thinking
And looking back
At all we said
At all the facts

And even though
I stood my ground
My point of view
Has turned around

With opened eyes
I've seen the light!
And all I can say is
By Golly! You're right!


  1. OhMyGolly!! I have been trying for hours to, in a note, properly "eat crow", as my Daddy would say....but my words written just kept going n going, as if to explain why i thought i was right. The fact is, i was wrong. Plain n simple. Would you mind if i wrote the following and added your perfectly written/worded poem? : my handsome Woodman it pains me so, but my belly is full from eating crow, my brain is taxed and my words- they stink, thankfully Louise Hernan already wrote what i think! **your poem** things happen for a reason and timing is everything! !! I am sooo grateful to have stumbled upon you here n now! Thank you thank you THANK YOU! !

  2. Oh my gosh - you just made my day!! I love your addition and great sense of humor!! I bet he does too. In this case, it almost makes eating crow kind of fun!! Thanks so much for this great comment!! :)

  3. Follow up: not only did He appreciate me acknowledging that He was right, that I did so in a positive manner & with a bit of humor, He was more than just a little pleased. Thank you very much for sharing your poetry and your skillful way of putting into words the feelings that some of us have no clue how to express. Your kindness will forever be remembered and I wish for you all the GOOD KARMA you have coming your way!! :-) ~Woodman's Winky

  4. Aww!! Thanks so much for letting me know it all went well - you're talented yourself - if you ever put any poems out there, let me know. ( :)


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