Thursday, February 3, 2011

This Too Shall Pass

I realize that lately
You've been feeling real bad
Just so overwhelmed
With the problems you've had

Trying to figure
Which way to go
Looking for answers
That you need to know

It's a hard place to be in
A tough time no doubt
But while you are struggling
To work it all out

Try to remember
Storms never do last
And like those gone before it
This too shall pass!


  1. It's true Louise, whatever we are having here, especially the hardship or storm in our life I believe in right time this will pass too..:) Thank you..:)

  2. Yes, it's always been that way in my life - I love the song "Storms Never Last" by Dr. Hook - beautiful!! Check it out on You Tube. Not sure I can leave a link on here. Think I'll try to though. Here you go:


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