Thursday, February 3, 2011

That Attitude Of Mine

I know that I'm changing
In a whole lot of ways
Inside and out
A little more every day

It's strange - yet exciting
And I'll tell you what!
Sometimes I feel like
I'm almost grown up!

I feel strong! independent!
Like I've got my wings
And I don't need anyone
To tell me a thing!

Now you and I know
That those are the times
When I drive you so crazy
With "that attitude" of mine!

But think of it this way
I'm just going thru a phase
And it too shall pass......
One of these days!


  1. Hmm, right .. sorry for being crazy sometimes! :) Hahaha thanks for reminding me about mine here! :) lols..:)

  2. I'm assuming you have teenagers, right Ros? It's almost like they become different people altogether when they hit those teen years - I love my kids but would not want to do it again!! :)


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