Thursday, February 3, 2011

Shutting Me Out

I don't want to push you
Any further away
But I have a few things
That I need to say

I've been trying to reach you
But you make it so hard!
You've built up a wall
And put up your guard

Shutting me out
And keeping you in
So we can't seem to get
Any closer again

How can I show you
How much that I care
With me over here
And you over there?

If you won't come to me
And you won't let me thru
How in the world
Do I get to you?


  1. Perfectly worded!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Exactly,especially when someone has I think what's the word,behexed or finaggled him with herself so now....I hear nothing...c'mon Sailor your better than this

  3. Best wishes to you - thank you for visiting my blog. :)


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