Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My Friends Accept Me

If only you could understand me
The way my friends all do
We wouldn't fight and disagree
Hurting feelings too

My friends accept me for who I am
They never put me down
And they don't tell me I should try
To change myself around

I may be young but I'm not a child
And that's how you treat me
Always telling me what to do
And how I ought to be

It's certainly not that I don't love you
Or appreciate your care
I love you very very much!
And I need to know you're there!

But I wish you'd trust my judgement some
Not hovering quite so much
Give yourself a little credit
For the way you've brought me up!


  1. thank god we can choose our friends :/

  2. Indeed!! Sometimes teenagers feel like their friends are their only allies in the world, especially when they're rebelling against parental authority. I remember. :)

  3. You know Louise, sometimes this can even apply in adulthood....thank goodness for my friends

  4. Yes - you're absolutely right - hadn't thought of that at all. Thank you so much for visiting and commenting!! :)


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