Thursday, February 3, 2011

I'm Your Biggest Fan

Although I never met you
And you don't know who I am
We're not really strangers
Because I'm your biggest fan!

You'll never find another one
Who likes you more than me!
Or knows as much about you
And that's a guarantee!

The first time I ever saw you
It wasn't hard to tell
That you had something special
I remember very well!

Your performance was outstanding!
You were every bit the star
I thought you were sensational
But to me you always are!

You've inspired me the same way
So many times since then
You're more than a celebrity
To me you're like a friend!


  1. Dear Louise,
    I am going to have to sing in school because apparently I ahve the "best" singing voice. I don't want to BRAG. I wanted to see some songs but then I thought a poem might be good. I would like to sing this song but I knew I had to ask your permission first to acknowledge siince you had WRITTEN the poem. Also this song will be sang very slowly and on a D Major to create maximum effect. If you do say yes I will admit that this is actually a poem and I will direct people to this website to have a look at it. After all, shouldn't you gain some publicity while I'm at it?
    Many Thanks,
    Ruxi Bajia

  2. Hi Ruxi - Yes sure you can sing it - go for it. :)

  3. I love this poem Louise. I wanted to sing it as a present for my model. Obviously I'll need your permission. Which is exactly what I am seeking right now. Oh please,please please and please.
    Can I?😕


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