Tuesday, February 1, 2011

How Amazing You Are

If you think I don't notice
All the things that you do
Day after day
Well - I have news for you!

I'm truly impressed
The way you go go go go!
Accomplishing so much
How? I don't know!

And it seems like you seldom
Take time for yourself
Always helping and doing
For somebody else

Like you've done for me
So many many times
With such a kind spirit too
It just blows my mind!

Believe me! I notice!
And with all of my heart
I love you and appreciate
How amazing you are!


  1. Very beautiful indeed thanks for sharing this I love , love , love it !! Be Bleessed Michael Christian from Madison WI

  2. Thank you so much Michael - what a lovely comment!! :)

  3. Owwweee, yur sweet n show so much afektion n love... Tis gorgeous n true...

    1. Thanks so much for your enthusiastic comment!! :)

    2. I love it so much I couldn't come up with that

    3. Thank you again - very much!! :)

  4. Wow thank you this saved my relationship

  5. Well you just made my morning - thanks so much for letting me know that - I'm so glad!! :)


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