Friday, February 4, 2011

Gossip Groupies

It seems to be no secret
That you've got alot to say
And nothing's wrong with talking
That's perfectly ok

But when your words are cutting
And you've got the outright gall
To run down other people
Then that's not ok at all!

Sure some folks will listen
They'll hang around you too
Making you feel important
Like most gossip groupies do!

And indeed you are important!
But look inside yourself
Do you really think you are
Because you step on someone else?


  1. This one hits home, shut my mouth!

    Janet Ross
    San Diego

  2. An amazing, well written. well said poem! I love it! Amazing how with just few words and in verse you hit the nail on the head! Wonderful!

  3. Thanks for a REALLY nice comment!! :)

  4. Janet - I know I thanked you in an email for your comment here but just noticed I hadn't thanked you on here. People will think "How come she didn't thank Janet?" So, thank you for your comment my dear friend - and you're not gossipy - why would it hit home? :)

  5. This Poem was nicely written!! In other words people should learn to shut their mouths if they don't have anything nice to say at all!!!

  6. Well said - and thank you so much for your comment!! :)


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