Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Even When I'm Angry

Even when I'm angry
I love you just the same
No matter what's between us
That will never change!

I know that at the time
It's pretty hard to see
When all of my frustration
Just gets the best of me

And I seem to turn against you
With the changes I go thru
Then feeling sorry later
For the way I spoke to you

It comes with human nature
Though it's not a pleasant part
For anger's sure to hide
Whatever's warm within our hearts

So don't you ever wonder
If I should love you still
I love you very much!
And you can bet I always will!


  1. I am a 22 years old boy, and even I had to bookmark this one! It really did touch something!

    1. 22 yrs old is not a boy anymore pal. The problem with society.. People think they r children until there thirty

    2. Wow. There's always someoe who has to be a jerk and pick at stupid things. You're bitterness will eat you alive if you don't watch out!

    3. And it's "they're" !!!

  2. Thank you so much for this heartfelt comment!! :)

  3. It's a very meaningful way to express how much you love someone no matter how tough things get. Thumbs up👍👍


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