Friday, February 11, 2011

Avon Lady - You're Awesome!

I really don't know how you do it
Taking on as much as you do
Working and having a family
While managing your own business too

Selling and selling your heart out!
In between everything else
And giving it all your best effort
While maneuvering time for yourself

You certainly are appreciated!
And here's something else you should know
Avon Lady - You're awesome!
You do a great job - way to go!


  1. Very nice! I posted it on my rep wall I hope you dont mind, I have it as a screen shot so your name is on there and it is just like it is on this site:) thank you so much, Patty

  2. Thank you Patty, very much - of course I don't mind. It's very rewarding to me when I know people are seeing the poems - and even more so when I know they like them. This one was inspired by my daughter-in-law Dawn. Best wishes to you Patty and thanks again! :)

  3. Hey Louise, thanks for the beautiful poem about Avon Lady. I saw it on Patty's group page and I just want you to know that as an Avon Lady, I do appreciate the poem. Thanks again! Diane Brown Mitchell

  4. You're very welcome Diane - and thank you too!! :)

  5. Louise! I've been reading your poems. There's just too many of them so what I did was to read one depending on the feeling I have on that day. This poem stuck to me. I have always been wondering how Avon ladies do it too. Keep the posts coming :)

  6. Hi Wawan - Oh I know, there's over 100 poems here, way too many to read all at once. I like your idea about reading them depending on how you feel on that day. I feature another poem every evening on here too so that's another way to see them. My daughter-in-law, Dawn inspired this one. Thanks so much for coming by Wawan!! :)

  7. I borrowed it as well for my district of 1301. Hope you don't mind. Anne

  8. Thanks for visiting my blog and posting - nope, don't mind you borrowing at all. :)


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