Monday, January 31, 2011

Best Friends To Stay

We're terrific together
You and I
We're so much alike
It's no wonder why

We enjoy the same things
Like the places we go
The music we listen to
And the people we know

We understand each other
Because we talk all the time
You tell me your feelings
And I tell you mine

With all that we share
And all we go thru
You're right there for me
And I'm right here for you

That's how it is
And we'll keep it that way
Because no matter what happens
We're best friends to stay!


  1. Best friends stays forever no matter what happen, rain or shine your best friend will always stay at your side. I love the way you delivered it Louise, because I treasure every friends I have especially best friend that we call. ?Thanks again my friend:) A wonderful time in blogging! I love reading your poems, it makes me feel good especially when I feel so down.. Thanks again Louise.. God bless you:)

  2. Hi Ros - Thanks again for such sweet comments - I'm really glad you like my poems and that they make you feel good. That makes it SO worth the effort. :) (Haven't been on much this week - will check for your latest post.)

  3. one word to describe this poem is awesome!!!when i read this poem i can feel that my tears was falling.this poem remembers me to my friends.and i glad to have them with me.thanks a lot louise.your poem was so great!!

  4. Thank you for your lovely comments Anonymous - it makes me feel so good when I know people are moved from my poems!! :)


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